construction and technology

Construction and technology

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As already told, our German colleagues were not far from Neftekamsk on a Russian-German building site to build office and lodgings for German specialists.

In Germany one says: German bananas of German farmers,
and everybody knows that in Germany no bananas grow.

The cooperation originated as it were necessarily. Foundation, road, power supply, water supply and gas supply were built by Russian companies. And of course was also the crane driver on the crane of a Russian company from Russia. The coordination with the Russian project guidance became also normal. And it followed that we have included and employed Russian companies, to reach the purpose faster - more uncomplicated. Services and material were bought more what was not planned originally. The cooperation was good and became the incentive for the future.

In a visit of another building site the German guests with a Russian plasterer company came to the conversation.

Experiences were exchanged.
The two examples show that probably no area must be omitted, if it concerns land-spreading cooperation.

We offer you support and a transfer of technology. We cooperate with experienced partners which have determined the technological development in Germany.

Examples, photos, documents

Photos: Our building project in 2005 in Russia / Udmurtia with Russian, German, Czech and Slovak colleagues

Unser Bauvorhaben 2005

in Russland/Udmurtien

mit russischen, deutschen, tschechischen und slowakischen Kollegen

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Federal study group for "prefabricated building" (scientists and experts)

Loam construction:
ecological construction - company cooperation Berlin and Saxony

Prefabricated construction renovation: Dismantling and new utilization on-site

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unsere Partner und Projekte
(auf deutsch / по-русски)
наши партнеры и проекты 
unsere Partner und Projekte
(auf deutsch / по-русски)
with each other economise - with each other live

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