Yesterday and Today / history

Yesterday and Today / history

1998 stood Heinz Hanke on the large-scale construction site of Volkswagen in Dresden, in order to install a telephone system. The technology was unusual, how one must lay cable here in a container building of the ERGE company. At the beginning dependent on the assistance of the assembly companies, he learned with his co-workers, how the cables come effectively by the house.

2 years later - several times on construction sites active - he was asked whether his company with sub construction achievements can support. Around some experiences more richly, he accepted. Independent partners, which for the company "ERGE 2000 - mobile fixed constructions" assembly works carried out, were found. Mr. Hanke carried out the coordination of his crafts.

2003 bigger building projects were waiting again. Telephone systems, net wiring and installation works were used. Now it was time to think of the future. We made the plan to form a company group of independent enterprisers. We should be flexible, ready to work and cover many crafts.

2005 we were invited on a German Russian building site to Russia. Under unusual conditions together with German, Czech and Slovak partners were an office and a residential building built and furnished.

We know container constructions
 - from the foundation up to the roof,
 - from the installation of elements up to the dry construction,
 - from the electrical and net installation to the telephone system,
 - from the welding up to the laying the floor covering,
 - from the sanitary installation up to the tiling,
 - from the coordination of the crafts up to the fire prevention.

Because we can offer nearly all crafts, our application possibilities are wide very much. We know exactly whom we get "in the boat". The customer saves the trouble with the demarcation of the crafts. We take over the coordination for all our partners. Also in questions of the security we are well equipped. For health protection, industrial safety and fire prevention we are technical and professional well prepared. There we have also the view, which is to be followed structurally.

2006 - 2007, special experiences one should be of use. Can small and middle-class enterprises be successful outside of the European Union? Yes, also in Russia and the CIS this cooperation increases. Conversations in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Perm indicate to us the possibilities.

2008, with our membership in the "Berlin Russian-German enterpriser's association" new cooperation forms were found for both sides. With a graduate to the CIS-manager "in the baggage" we were 2 months in Russia until middle Siberia on the way and got in touch with many economical contacts. The main focus on modern, ecological technology is laid by Russian side. Our suggestions of German enterprisers for a strategically cooperation were convincing.

2009 begins with high pressure. Already in February we received visit from Siberia. For the German companies stand also new challenges. The middle-class companies must cooperate to be able to realize lasting projects for foreign country. And exactly from it the strength grows for the common presentation on the Russian and CIS market. Twelve companies and institutions took part intensively in the negotiations. We are pleased that for all the participants a concrete beginning could be agreed.

2010 we concentrate on the international forum of the science and economy “SCM” in Russia. We take over entire joint responsibility as first foreigners. From this now cooperation structures for universitäre and vocational training, as well as beginnings for common middle-class activities in Russia develop. In Germany we take over tasks with the construction of a building in modular, ecological timber construction method and test the possibilities of the application in Russia.

2011, in January, we founded together with our partners from Russia and Azerbaijan the association:
European open society of science, economy and culture - ESS. For us, this is an important step to connect the scientific, economic and cultural activities.
   unsere Partner und Projekte
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2012: Since a year we maintain an intensive exchange with the Nordkosaken of Russia. Purpose is the common planning and the construction of several Green settlements of the Cossacks in Russia.
Aus- und Umbau
Raumzelle am Haken
Berlin Ausbau einer Scheune
near Berlin

Der Container schwebt 50 Meter über dem Tal und zieht 300 Meter um
Schwarzatal - Thuringia

Vorbereitung für Fassade
The Urals - Russia
Es werden 3 Etagen.
The Urals - Russia
Sommer im Ural um Mitternacht
The Urals - Russia
The Urals - Neftekamsk - Russia
im Ural
The Urals - Neftekamsk - Russia
unsere Partner und Projekte
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наши партнеры и проекты 
unsere Partner und Projekte
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with each other economise - with each other live

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