From experience of the cooperation of German and Russian companies in Neftekamsk and environment during 5 months of the year 2005 originated the idea to develop a lasting cooperation of small and medium-sized enterprises from Russia and Germany.

We have experienced that it is possible to connect the same and different experiences and also the different mentality of the people.

Russia and the CIS states extend from Europe till the east of Asia. All these countries are inhabited of several peoples and ethnical groups. World views and the religious communities are very varied. And the inhabitants live relatively peacefully with one another nevertheless. Experience the specific characteristic!

We have visited many regions. Only by the car we have gone more than 50.000 kilometres in Russia. Our interlocutors are enterprisers, scientists, representatives of the regional governments and chambers of commerce and industrial chambers. In the Urals is our second familiar home..

We invite you cordially to get to know the unlimited possibilities. Your cooperation offers are welcome to us. We are glad about joint activities at home and abroad.

Our turntable are the

Offices for communication and project management

in Berlin, Brandenburg, Saxony, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

We invite you cordially.

Susanne Macie, Heinz Hanke and partners

European scientific society for the support of the scientific, economic and cultural cooperation - ESS

Osten-Online - the portal for contacts of the middle-class economy, sciences and culture

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Osten-Online - the main entrance of the economy for the east
Management for cooperation
and communication

Kaiser Projektmanagement
Project management
for the building industry

International forum of the investment
and innovation

SELIGER - in the Tver area and
Novgorod area

Ecological energy and heating systems

Schule in Neftekamsk
School in Neftekamsk
(Bashkortostan - RUS)

kreative Telekommunikation - Auerswald
creative telecommunications

Ihr Fachpartner für Telekommunikation
modern tele-communication systems

Ihr Fachpartner für Telekommunikation
modern technologies
of the building industry

unsere Partner und Projekte
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unsere Partner und Projekte
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