Cooperation with you

Cooperation with you

Beside the economic relations of the commercial groups you recognize in Russia already middle-class offers of products and technologies from Germany, Western Europe and America. Traditionally you find trade with the southern Asian people.
You find in Germany till now a few offers which are essentially limited to Russian food products and special national products.

We also experience that the interest of both sides increases, to exchange experience, competence, products and services.

The with one another is important to us. The development of a a lasting cooperation of small and medium-sized enterprises from Russia and Germany from which both sides profit we have made to the task.

The president of Russia Medvedev and German chancellor Merkel have agreed in 2009 on the mutual support for the middle-class cooperation. In other CIS lands there are similar attempts. The time is ready!

We invite you cordially, your ideas, desires, activities and your persistence, to develop good, solid businesses and to care thus with new possibilities for the own well-being.

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unsere Partner und Projekte
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