Consulting and project management

Consulting and project management


Yes, we stand by your side with advice of all things. We inform, advice and accompany you. With us you learn how you find the way about the foreign land without needing a constant companion. You experience foreign mentality and recognize her charms. You recognize, when exactly your mentality is asked. You learn to recognize, when somebody wants to fleece you. You learn to see if you are seen as a real friend. And you will find out whether and when you are integrated.

Project management

Here it is a question of the rigid facts and effective realization of contracts. Observance of the appointments and quality are the basis of the success. If you work with local forces, you must be a hard and understanding controller. You may show insecurity only to your fellows. To a strong hand intuitive feeling belongs. We can instruct you or do this work for you. You can go also with us into the school. But don't worry, we learn also every day.

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unsere Partner und Projekte
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наши партнеры и проекты 
unsere Partner und Projekte
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