How you have lived only 20 years ago - without mobile phone, without fax, without Internet...? More quietly - certainly. But it was very much more complex to step fast over large distances into contact.

This is an example of the development of a cooperation.

We have in Germany an enterpriser ,who concerns since 1990 himself with telecommunications. He cooperates with some German manufacturers and accompanies also the development of new products. Now he agreed with a very cooperative manufacturer that the products and services in Russia are offered. Now you are in Russia at the course.

Become our partner for marketing and service.
We expect from you energy and open-mindedness. You need good knowledge at the computer and business talent.
In Russia are trade and service mostly strictly separated. In Germany both areas are connected, that is a greater advantage. The market in Russia stands at the moment at the beginning for telecommunication systems. You can take part and qualify with us as the
und sich bei uns zum authorized trading partner and service partner for telecommunications.

Telecommunications for and with the middle class (pdf)

Look here: Zu unserer Präsentation:	Telefonsysteme - aus Deutschland

Photos: Parts of a phone system of Auerswald

Anlage für ca. 40 Mitarbeiter

kleines System für 10 Mitarbeiter
And for Russia Personal location for medical assistance Telephone networks on radio for hardly accessible area or also for reach more than several hundred kilometres
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наши партнеры и проекты 
unsere Partner und Projekte
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with each other economise - with each other live

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