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About us

Heinz Hanke

Heinz Hanke

Heinz Hanke near Berlin
qualified electronics engineer, certified for telecommunications systems, studied policy sciences and culture sciences
since 1990 independently (company: Büro-Com / Kommunikacija)

Since 1996 he coordinates building projects in module construction method. He realized in 2005 with international construction workers as a construction manager on a large-scale construction site in the Urals / Russia the construction of two buildings.

He is the initiator of the project for international communication.
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Susanne Macie

Susanne Macie

Susanne Macie near Berlin
qualified office businesswoman, worked in the civil service and as a wages clerk In 2008 - qualified manager for the markets in Russia and the CIS states

Experience in Russia - from St.-Petersburg up to Krasnoyarsk, from the Siberian north up to Caspian sea, as well as with Russian way of life and business contacts
Lutz Kaiser

Dipl.-Ing. Lutz Kaiser

Dipl.-Ing. Lutz Kaisernear Dresden
Study of mechanical engineer, department manager and supreme head of department of the airplane factory Dresden

15 years - managing director of an branch of a company for the establishment of buildings of modular construction

now independently as a project manager for modular and ecological buildings of different technologies, as well as more softly ecological redevelopment of monolithic and other buildings

Herrmann & Herrmann Lawyers

Herrmann & Herrmann Lawyers (Berlin)
Our owner-led law office in family property offers you and your enterprise a specialized legal advice and tax consultation. With the main focus in the international economic law we advise our clients from Russia and the CIS states extensively at their business activities in Germany. Besides, we support our German clients competently with their business enterprises in Russia and the CIS states.


Prof. Svetlana Prokopchina (Moscow)

Prof. Svetlana Prokopchina (Moscow)
Lecturer in Moscow and St. Petersburg

Initiator of the international forum "SCM" in St. Petersburg (sciences and international economic cooperation)

coordinates international cooperation of educational institutions and middle-class enterprises
Jointly responsible for the regional development of the nature area of "SELIGER".

Prof. Ilja Ivanowish Tyrikov (Petersburg

Prof. Ilja Iwanowisch Tyrikow (St.Petersburg)

Ataman of the Cossacks of the North (St. Petersburg)

Coordinator of construction of the eco-settlements in Russia

Regional development in the holistic framework of the Russian Government. Concepts of autonomous way of life of the Cossacks of the North are included. Collective and private economies are connected.
The regional way of life includes the lifeforms interregional and international.
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